Is AI economical for commercial breeding herds?

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AI has been generating a lot of discussion lately, not just Artificial Intelligence (an oxymoron?) but also Artificial Insemination for breeding herds. We’ve had a number of clients implement an Artificial Insemination program with their heifers so, to get an understanding of the economics of the option, we analysed their data from the exercise.The costs are far easier to quantify than the benefits associated with undertaking an AI program. The total cost will include the price of anything additional and necessary for the AI program to take place. This includes, semen straws, semen transportation and storage, preg-test pre-AI, syncing of heifers, AI technician, and additional labour (e.g. additional musters, extra time in yards). Theoretically, AI enables rapid dissemination of superior genetics, allowing producers to make faster progress in their breeding programs…
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