Is your Business EDGE folder gathering dust on the shelf?

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In the Bush AgriBusiness December newsletter, we wrote about the importance of going beyond information to knowledge and application. We think this is a very relevant topic for anyone who has done a Business EDGE workshop, whether recently or in the distant past.

We acknowledge that attending the two-day workshop is a big commitment of time, effort, and money and we intend to return more value to you than it cost to be there. But the workshop packs a lot into two days and we wonder if you were able to apply as much of the information as you’d hoped, once you got home.

If you are looking for some suggested places to start or are ready to have another go, here are some suggested questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have a well-structured chart of accounts and does my financial system give me the information I need to make informed management decisions?
  • Are my assets updated to reflect current market values and depreciated based on their useful life?
  • Can I accurately reconcile the herd numbers over a year, in total and by class, and then calculate some key herd performance measures?
  • Can I generate the three pillars and whole business key performance indicators to assess my current business performance?

If this seems overwhelming, you are not on your own and we have developed four webinars and associated tools and resources to get you started. We are also available for an online chat if you have specific questions or need further assistance.

Email Simone if you would like access to these resources or to schedule an online catch-up – [email protected]

We’d also really appreciate insights and feedback from previous Business EDGE participants so we can continue to deliver value and ensure you can take the information and tools from the workshop and apply them to your own business. If you have 5 minutes, could you please fill out this short, anonymous survey?

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