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Get your head around more of the ‘business side’ of your business…

    • develop your financial knowledge and business understanding…
    • understand where your business is performing well and where it can be improved…
    • better understand how your decisions impact the bottom line of your business…
    • determine if your business can really fund future growth, debt reduction, retirement and succession…
    • ensure everyone in your business is on the same page…

Join a group of like-minded producers at a Business EDGE workshop and equip yourself to improve your business skills

What will you take home from The Business EDGE?

During the two days of The Business EDGE you will acquire the knowledge and skills to…

  • Determine if all the family needs and aspirations can be funded by the business
  • Prepare and understand key financial information on your business
  • Assess and manage agricultural business risk
  • Understand and manage enterprise performance, including understanding what the key profit drivers are, how to influence them and what effect they have on overall business performance. And much more …

Comprehensive course notes are provided, along with decision support spreadsheet tools to help you apply the material to your business. Follow up is available to all participants.

2024 Program


Mon, 18th Nov - Tue, 19th Nov
Thu, 21st Nov - Fri, 22nd Nov

*Young Guns Business EDGE Workshops. These workshops are tailored specifically for up and coming producers and provide an opportunity for them to build business skills with other young producers. There will be a bonus session on long-term wealth creation and an inspirational young gun speaker.

What attendees have said...

The investment...

all prices exclude GST and are fully tax deductible
1 person
2+ from business
Full Fee
$1500 ea
Early Bird
$1250 ea
Early bird applies if registered & paid 4 weeks prior to course start date
Repeat discount 50%
Attendees of Bush AgriBusiness Business EDGE workshops who do a refresher course receive 50% discount off the applicable rate.
Fully Guaranteed - 
Unless you are completely satisfied that this workshop has helped you to understand and run your business more profitably, your course fees will be returned in full, no questions asked.