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Bush AgriBusiness performs ‘serious business analysis’ for pastoral businesses across Australia using The Business Analyser.

The Business Analyser provides profit focused producers with;

    • an objective analysis of exactly how your business is performing in its own right, and in comparison, to the average and top producers in your region
    • an understanding of what the strengths of your business are, and areas for improvement, allowing you to better focus attention and allocate resources
    • an understanding of how much debt the business can afford and whether the current debt is being used effectively
    • confidence in predicting impact of different strategies on performance
    • ability to develop meaningful management budgets and plans that are based on actual business performance, not guess work.

Bush AgriBusiness endorses the National Farmers Federation Farm Data Code and has a Client Data Management Policy which is consistent with that code.

The Business Analyser has a number of current applications;

    • Individual Businesses
      Annual analysis for profit focused individual businesses, with interpretation of results, either in person or over phone.
    • Producer Business Groups
      Bush AgriBusiness works with a number of business groups where like-minded producers come together to improve their business performance. Analysis is conducted with these businesses individually and then against the group performance for detailed and insightful comparisons.

Central Queensland Producer Business Group

    • Integrated Pastoral Company Analysis
      Bush AgriBusiness works with a number of large integrated pastoral companies and uses The Business Analyser to analyse their performance. At station, enterprise, region and consolidated whole company level.
    • Industry Publications
      The Business Analyser was used to perform the analysis that underpinned the Northern Beef Report and the Australian Beef Report.
    • Research Projects
      The Business Analyser has been used in a number of research projects (such as Beef Sense in the Southern Gulf region, Climate Clever Beef in the Maranoa region and the Precision Pastoral Management Tools Project across Northern Australia) to determine current business performance and changes over time.

Serious business analysis

Serious Business Analysis;

The process is not for the feint hearted.  To provide you with detailed analysis on the performance of your business, we need accurate information from you including livestock numbers and movements, income, expenditure, labour usage and other business measures. We have processes in place to support you to collate this data, but it is a big job. It is worth it though, as only we can compare your performance against the performance of the average and Top 25% producers in your region and nationally.

The seasonal and price variability of the pastoral industry mean that a number of years information is required to get a good understanding of long term business performance.

Money Back Guarantee

The Business Analyser is guaranteed to detail the actual financial and production performance of your pastoral business, enabling you to make informed decisions on the future management of your business.

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