Top Studs 2024

Make informed decisions when purchasing genetics

Compare top-performing studs across cattle breeds using Breedplan data

Do you ever get overwhelmed by bull sale catalogues and EBV data or how to apply the data to your commercial operation? You’re not alone.  

Here at Bush Agribusiness, we’re here to help you compare the genetic profiles of seedstock sources in the Australian beef industry, with a simplified genetics report listing the top-performing studs across breeds with detailed profiles.

If you’re a commercial producer looking to positively impact your herd, pick up a copy of our Top Studs Genetic report.

The bull you buy this year will still have daughters in the herd in 15 years

The genetics you introduce have a long-lasting impact on your herd’s performance

Feel confident you are making the best objective selections for your bull purchases by easily comparing the genetic profile and progress over time of potential seedstock sources. 

Our easy-to-compare Top Studs genetics report uses Breedplan selection indexes to identify producers who offer valuable genetics for your operation. 

It’s an invaluable resource to help evaluate seedstock sources to improve your herd’s genetics and bottom line.

Breeds included in the genetics report

Top Studs Key Features

Independent & objective 

Uses Breedplan selection indexes of seedstock producers focused on producing commercially relevant genetics.

Simple summary

Compiles extensive data to a single source, eliminating the need to search through websites & catalogues

Clear insights

Easy to interpret graphs of the genetic profile of each qualifying stud across 14 breeds

How does Top Studs work?

Top Studs has been developed to put EBV data into an easy-to-understand and more digestible format. The data used in the Top Studs book is based on the 2022 drop data within Breedplan to create an average of genetic traits at a stud.

The animals in a stud will vary around this, but the overall average is important as it represents their current genetic base and the breeding strategy for the stud. 

Each trait is represented by its bar in the graph and is colour-coded according to the category, making it easy to compare studs.

Compare genetic traits across studs

Purchase Top Studs 2024

Purchase the full report for $149, or buy the full book with the Australian Beef Report = $399.00 ($49 discount)

Our 100% Guarantee 

Unless you are completely satisfied that Top Studs has helped grow your knowledge and understanding of leading seedstock sources, your investment will be refunded in full.

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