Business EDGE follow-up and dates for the remainder of 2023

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Are you lacking the motivation to unpack the numbers in your business? Do you need to brush up on your financial skills? Would you like a refresher on some of the key metrics you can use to measure business performance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider attending a Business EDGE workshop! We have just two Business EDGE workshops remaining in 2023. Brisbane, November 29-30 Biloela, December 5-6 Business EDGE workshops are a two-day workshop focussed on understanding the ‘business side’ of your operation. We cover everything from economic sustainability and acquiring financial literacy, to measuring whole business and herd performance, and everything in between. If you have previously completed a Business EDGE workshop, we now invite you to book a check-in to discuss any assistance…
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All models are wrong, some are useful!

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This astute aphorism is attributed to George Box, a British statistician of the twentieth century. It is something that any of us who perform modelling or longer-term budgeting should keep in mind. A phone call from a beef producer to discuss recent extension messages on herd fertility reminded me of the quote. The producer was attending an event where one of the key messages being delivered was that it was not economical to pursue improved fertility via genetics in northern beef herds. This surprised her as it was contrary to her own experience, most other extension messages and the findings from our analyses over time. The messages were from a Qld Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries report on preparing for, responding to, and recovering from drought. This specific report was…
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Australian Beef Report 2020

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The Australian Beef Report shows you the financial and production performance of family owned beef businesses in Australia. It has been written for profit focussed producers, industry service professionals and other industry stakeholders who would like to better understand, and improve, beef business performance in Australia at the production level. This report follows the successful release of the first edition in 2017 Read more
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