Adult Equivalent Methodology

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The Adult Equivalent (AE) is the standard measure of grazing loads used in extensive grazing areas across northern and pastoral Australia. An Adult Equivalent is a 450kg Bos taurus steer at maintenance (not gaining weight). The energy (feed) requirements of different classes of animals (based on breed, sex, weight gain, pregnancy/lactation status etc.) determine their AE Rating relative to the equivalent animal. For example, a 500kg Bos indicus steer gaining 0.6kg/day has an AE rating of 1.6, which means it will require 1.6 times as much grass as a 450kg Bos taurus steer that is not gaining weight.. Bush AgriBusiness undertook a project in 2013 for Meat & Livestock Australia to develop a practical, defendable AE methodology which provides an accurate, consistent means of calculating cattle grazing loads for production…
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